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Mile High Rk Lilley Pdf English

1» R. K. Lilley - [Trilogia Up In The Air 02] - Mile Download; 2» Download; 3. 30 Mar at am on Best audiobooks in English's post. Actions. Report . R.K. Lilley - Mr. kB. Show .. R.K. Lilley - Mile kB. Lilley, R.K. - In Flight (Up in the Air 1).epub. KB. Lilley, R.K. - Mile High (Up in the Air 2).epub. KB. Lilley, R.K. - Grounded (Up in the Air 3).epub. KB.

Not in United States? Choose your country's store to see books available for download. See if you have enough points for this item. Sign in. From internationally bestselling author R. Lilley comes a scorching new series with melt-the-pages tension and all-consuming angst. I gave it everything.

Bianca was opening up and telling some of the other flight attendants about him They were The ending of In Flight was pretty awful and things haven't gotten better. They were not gonna let up. Some are pretty noteworthy, especially the one on horseback which I still couldn't figure out! Where's a horse when you need one I think that's really the draw for me, James' intensity and his insatiableness! How many different places and ways can RKL come up with?

And I really want to know more about James The time away from Bianca has only made James More jealous, more intense, more brazen and he's finding it hard to hold back I was really surprised about the tattoos though. I still can't believe with everything that has gone on they haven't said those three little words. Even though James' actions are shouting them, Bianca still needs that and I have a feeling James does too.

The drama is still going on with Jules and she's bringing in more people. The charity event and episode in the bathroom was a bit shocking and unfortunately, I'm sure we're not done with her yet. The good thing that came out of that is Lana. I thought she was fantastic and was sooo happy that at least someone was in Bianca's corner.

I really like him and want him to be happy.

I think that both him and Bianca need to have some growth to be able to let others in. I guess it would be nice if they both got that. The drama is still going on with Bianca's past and what happened at the end of the last book really amps up at the end of this one. We get some new and interesting information as well as really harsh stuff Onto the last one!

Favorite quotes: I never knew life could be this good. Re read February double the love!

This trilogy has got me all kinds of 'book excited' 5 delicious, heart stopping, James and Bianca stars. This story started perfectly from where book one's dramatic cliff hanger left off. If I thought I enjoyed James and Bianca's story before in book one, in this book I was positively swooning.

In this second book the author takes us on the delicious journey of obvious soul Mates, we get to learn more about the characters that I fell in love with from book o Re read February double the love! In this second book the author takes us on the delicious journey of obvious soul Mates, we get to learn more about the characters that I fell in love with from book one - Jealousy, possession, love, life, heartache, pain, dark hidden pasts all play their staring roles in this roller coaster epic love story.

This book gives you more than sex driven written in scenes. There is plenty of story and intrigue, the author kindly takes you on a clever journey of two broken hearts, making each other whole. This is a continued story of the impossibility of two people made for each other, yet unable to voice their thoughts and feelings, ok, so at times I thought just USE the three little words!

I thought this couples journey was told so well by the author, and as a reader I felt every heartache and drawn out angst. What I loved most about the book is the inclusion of story telling surrounding the romance and steamier scenes, which allows the reader to learn more about each character.

In my opinion it has enough drama to keep any reader entertained and as with book one, book two has left me eagerly waiting for book three to complete the series and love story of James and Bianca. And more skeletons in the closet than your standard graveyard! See you in the next book Mr Beautiful View all 21 comments.

I find this better than the first book. James Cavendish surely impressed me here. I'm in awed on all the he'd done to win Bianca. He's sweet, sexy and hot. He's more patient, persuasive and considerate since he's also adjusting on having a new relationship definitely not contractual.

Bianca wants to take their relationship really slow. She got the public's attention by dating James and as well as trying to control her feelings whenever she encounters his exes. I love how their relationship gro I find this better than the first book.

I love how their relationship grows up into something more and help each other to fight their own demons. What a wonderful development. This book deserves my 4 stars.

View all 8 comments. Holy Tattoo James and all that kinky fuckery! Yum Story picks up a month later after the events of Book Thankfully I did not have to wait long for all their sexing to begin. James is even more determined to keep her in his life and in some instances to keep her running away from him after that horrible incident at the event.

Side Note: James and Bianca's relationship moves fast mostly because of James and I love it. OH YE! You must know by now that I've never done any of this for anyone else. I was a slut once with my body, but I've never been a slut with my heart.

128364374 Mile High R K Lilley

Beyond their developing love story there is a huge cliff-hanger at the end with some revelation regarding her family Because I don't have a good feeling about this new family member that's conveniently living in NY I really hope I'm wrong hide spoiler ] So can't wait for the 3rd book to see what happens View all 11 comments. More twists, an 4. More twists, and a new discovery just continues to put both James and Bianca's emotions in a constant state of concern, fear and turmoil View all 10 comments.

Jan 02, Crista rated it it was ok Shelves: Well this one went downhill FAST for me. The things that I loved so much about In Flight were almost nonexistent in the book.

I loved Stephen's character in book 1, and his character almost completely disappears in this book. I loved Bianca's backbone in the first book. I liked that she stood up for herself and had boundaries when it came to James. In this book, she surrenders as James's sub and her lovely character disappeared. It was a shame. More than anything, the thing that changed for me from book 1 to book 2 is how I felt about the character of James Cavendish.

In book one he was so attractive in every way , in book 2 he became downright creepy. I disliked how he started to treat Bianca.

Up in the Air: Mile High by R. K. Lilley (2013, Paperback)

His obsession with her seemed almost scary to me. He controlled her, dressed her, and completely started to suffocate her literally AND figuratively There was something not quite right about Mr. Cavendish, and I stopped seeing him as anything other than a really unhealthy man.

I won't be continuing with this series. View all 15 comments. If I looked like him, I'd never leave my house. I'd just stay home and fuck myself. It starts up right where it left off in.. Bianca and James are currently on a break from each other and both are miserable without the other. Once they reunite Holy Hellacious I really enjoyed this one.

Both Bianca and James are a work in progress and we find out some secrets from both of their pasts. Will the past destroy them?? Say it. He was going to fuck me mindless, and i could barely stand the wait. I don't have nightmares when I'm with you. I don't have to work seventy hour work weeks to keep my mind distracted. The final book in the series View all 44 comments. Jan 05, Duchess Nicole rated it liked it Shelves: I just don't know what I think about this series.

I initially started it because I was told that I needed to read this before reading Tristan and Danika's story. I wasn't impressed with book one, and decided to skip the next two and to right to T and D.

Here at the end of book two in the series and I still haven't been introduced to Tristan or Dani I just don't know what I think about this series. Here at the end of book two in the series and I still haven't been introduced to Tristan or Danika, so I'm wondering where they come into the story. As far as James and Bianca's story goes, it's okay, I guess.

I feel like Bianca is being given every opportunity known to man to understand how much James cares about her, and yet she is so ignorant.

It just screams juvenile to me. He can flat out tell her to her face that he wants a permanent, lasting, loving relationship with her and in the next paragraph, she's internalizing how she doesn't know how into their relationship he is.

It's so obnoxious. I wish the author would have found a better reason for Bianca to have doubts. The BDSM elements aren't too over the top, but they are a bit eye roll inducing at times. I've read a handful of authors who really make me believe it, and use that aspect to drag me kicking and screaming deep into a love affair with the genre. Then I real some silly tripe like this and I just I don't believe in it with James and Bianca, I just don't.

Their weird jealousy thing that starts up in this book is over the top as well and seems contrived to add drama. Each scene set for a possessive issue ends up feeling really awkward. I will for sure read book three. This wasn't terrible. I get why people like it.

I really like all of the secondary characters. I'm curious to read Lana's story, if only because I'm hoping it's set in Hawaii. I love that Bianca is a flight attendant. It's just different, and it means that we get to go from New York to Vegas and back again in pages. I love her bestie and their wonderfully supportive relationship.

I like that Bianca is striving to stay independent and that it is really important to her that she continue to work and support herself. She's not giving up her own identity to become James' woman. He seems to be making it his mission to take care of her in his own dominant way. - Up in air trilogy ( 2nd book "Mile High" )

Ste 3. I found myself wanting to skip some of the sex scenes. View all 9 comments. Nov 16, Teri rated it it was ok. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Not much happening in this book. I felt like i was in a boring knockoff world of Christian and Anna. Something about James just felt odd, i had a hard time connecting with these 2.

Does he really need to dress her all of the time And what is with the choking scene, a bit much View all 5 comments. Dec 29, AJ rated it really liked it Shelves: OMG, James Cavendish, you continue to rock my world! Continuing on one month after the events of the first book, In Flight , this book picks up the drama straight away, with James and Bianca still struggling with their tumultuous, fledgling relationship. They still want each other, badly, but Bianca still has issues with the relationship side.

And OMG, those issues get played out in frustrating detail!!!! The woman did my head in for half of this book! How can she still be so freaking oblivious?? How can she still be so freaking oblivious??? And then she has the audacity to wonder why HE is insecure about their relationship! Poor James!!!

And I must say that through all of my irritation, I never actually really disliked Bianca. I was frustrated with her, sure, but she was honest with herself, and managed to give enough to James to let him know that she was affected by him. And thankfully, she does manage to have an epiphany, and even though she still has issues, she at least grows enough to be more confident and secure with James.

Anyway, complaints about stupid heroine behaviour aside, I did really love this book. James is just amazing.

And he seems to know what she needs. He needs to care for her like that, and she seems to need it she certainly enjoys it , so who am I to judge? He is, in all ways, generous and loving with Bianca and I love that he introduced some teasing into their relationship. And of course, he is absolutely protective of his girl. And, importantly, there is a new level of honesty to their relationship particularly with James being willing to share details of his sordid past , and I really loved that!

View all 12 comments. Jan 28, Mirjam rated it liked it Shelves: Having not seen James for all this time James is on the edge to see her or even talk to her. He begs her to see him and she relents to a meeting in Las Vegas during an outing with the crew.

As soon as she sees him again she knows she will be not able to resist him. I was desperate for you. To comfort you, to tend to you. Hell, just to look at you. But you withdrew from me completely, until I was pathetically grateful for just a text from you, and even that you withheld most of the time. So I needed to give you at least a small taste of the wanting. James showers her with expensive clothing and diamonds. We also get to know both his sides: Beautiful who is tender, loving, caring and jealous.

And also Mr. Cavendish who is cold, dominant, distant and temperamental, being the master of his 4th floor dungeon. Their scenes in the dungeon were hot but I absolutely did not like the choking scene at the spa, to me it was very alarming.

Part of the Up in the Air series that has to be read in order: I read this series last year and I'm now listening to the audio version so I am leaving a review based off of how I feel a year later and listening to the series all over again.

At risk of repeating myself from my review from the first book in the series, I can't help but start this review to clearly state that this book series is my absolute favorite series out of everything I have read.

The clear devotion of James to Bianca is pretty intoxicating. Who wouldn't want a billionaire who could have I read this series last year and I'm now listening to the audio version so I am leaving a review based off of how I feel a year later and listening to the series all over again. James has lead a very wild life since losing his parents at such a young age to only be abused by a cousin and then later raised by a very emotionally cold aunt.

He strikes out as soon as he is 18 and indulges in woman for years until he meets Bianca. His experience with his cousin has made him need absolute control. BDSM is where he gets that control but he has very few people in his life he cares for or even trusts. Bianca witnesses her father kill her mother at a very young age and she runs away to save herself, meeting Stefan, who becomes her brother and best friend. Stefan protected her while they lived on the streets and an occasional foster home and has been the only man in her life that has every loved and protected her.

She trusts no one else. James having been with so many woman and feeling nothing, knows the minute he lays eyes on Bianca that the feeling he gets actually means something and he will stop at nothing to claim her. Bianca does not make this easy for him.

He is the first man who has ever made her feel anything as well but she is so used to keep people at a distance she fights to keep him at arms length while he fights to bond her to him for life. The lengths that James goes to to keep Bianca is crazy and probably completely unrealistic but is also the reason I absolutely adore this book series.

To accept and take care of Stefan, knowing how much he means to Bianca instead of getting jealous and trying to separate them just because it would be what Bianca wants. You just can't help but fall hard for James Cavendish. How could I not love this series! The audio is also very good. I have limited experience listening to audio books but I can say this narrator has been very good with the accents she's had to impersonate and anytime she has had to impersonate a man's voice, it has not detracted from the story.

View 2 comments. Nov 18, Mistress rated it really liked it. I really liked this book. It has just the right amount of drama for a light, hot read.

I love the developing relationship between James and Bianca. I love how dominate and possessive he is. The things that James does to Bianca is just flat out hot!

I can't wait to get more of this sexy couple in Grounded. Holy Shit!!!! I am in love with yet another character! James Cavendish is beyond amazzzzzing!!! Simply beautiful man who falls in love with Bianca. I knew when the first book ended that he would find his way back to her!!

I love the fact that he gave her space in his own way. It was the sweetest thing that he still kept in touch with Stephan to see how she was doing I don't know if I loved this book because it was so similar to fifty shades but I don't care! I love this series! I love the fact the Holy Shit!!!! I love the fact the trilogy is about their love story mostly. I get quite irritated that some series the 2nd and 3rd books are about other characters.

This book really gives the characters the time they need to have their story I love that Bianca is finally opening her heart to him. I found myself wishing she would tell him she loves him. I love that he calls her 'my love or love' I love that he is beautiful Think I might love too many things about this book.

I enjoyed this book more then the first one, James officially stole my heart. He loves her and protects her and gives up his messing around. I found myself flipping thought the pages desperately wanting to know what happens next but in the same moment I didn't want it to end!!!

I want to cry because I have to wait for the 3rd book: Lol It really shows that if u love someone no matter what they do or who they are, if they the one then it is what is Counting the days for the next book!!!

View all 4 comments. Aug 20, Alaina rated it it was amazing Shelves: Mile High is the second book in Up in the Air series.

The Connection.pdf

It's still about the amazing love between Bianca and James. If you've ever read Fifty Shades of Grey , this book is better in my eyes. The chemistry is amazing between these two. They both have pasts that they need help to deal with.

Both dealing with abusive men. The amount of caddy bitches doubles in this book. Everyone is out for Bianca's blood because they have no idea what the hell James sees in her. How about her heart ya gold-digging whores? James is even more controlling in this book because of Bianca's safety. He has had enough of everyone's bullshit and to top it all off, he has to worry about her murdering dad.

There were some twists and turns in this book, a lot I didn't see coming. A bit like the ending, but I did end up assuming something mysterious happened before I actually heard the ending.

After that shit hitting the fan, I am even more pumped to dive into the third book. I'm trying to hard to save the book for tomorrow.. Nov 24, Maria rated it liked it. I feel pretty much as I did after the first book, I am a little baffled by their instalove but I'm overall enjoying the storyline.

Also Damien is such a nice guy, I want more of him!! Can I get a Damien book please???? Nov 28, Amy Foxy Blogs rated it it was amazing Shelves: Cavendish doesn't disappoint in this book. There were so many moments where I wanted to jump into the book and take Bianca's place.

Be with me. Swear you'll never leave me. Jun 20, Carolina rated it it was amazing Shelves: Cause this series for me is View all 18 comments.

Love Love Love this book!!!! I can't get enough of James and Bianca. I want book three like now. It was such an incredible book and I pretty much swooned over James the entire time while reading this. An excellent book and recommended to everyone who loves a sexy billionaire. Abi konu yok? Konu nerede? Eeee bu ne amk? O Bu neeeee?!!!! Nov 19, Karen rated it really liked it. Just finished this second installment in this series..

James and Bianca's story continues, their love appears to blossom Because that is how I see this relationship. And though I do not deny that they share feelings for each other, I just couldn't shake this feeling of wariness. It seems to me that their relationship is based solely on sex Well I find James, as delicious as he is, to be completely obsessed with his control of Bianca. And Bianca seems to have lost ALL of her control and all of the self respect that she started out with in book 1. This appears to me to be a completely dysfunctional relationship.

It seems that she is perfectly happy letting him completely run her life What next??? I was almost expecting him to wipe her ass in the bathroom?!!! She was new to the lifestyle, and I dont think he or anyone else really explained the rules to her, other than to bring up a safeword, which she would be very unlikely to use because she wanted so desperately to please him. With that said, I will say that the guy could be very sweet when he wanted to be Like when she was telling him she could dress herself, but that him doing it made her feel special.

He just smiled content. The author acknowledges the trademarked status and trademark owners of various products referenced in this work of fiction. This book is dedicated to all of the wonderful bloggers and readers who have gone out of their way to spread the word about these books.

You have changed my life. Cavendish We sped towards Manhattan in a luxurious town car. Stephan and Javier sat close together, clutching hands, their eyes fixed on me in concern. James held me close against him, his hands comforting as they stroked over me. On the tail of that revelation, I had found out that I had a half-brother who was just one year younger than I am. That meant that my father had been with this other woman for years before my mother had died.

Before he had killed her. I had no love for the woman, Sharon, who my father had married. In fact, I felt a cold distaste shiver through my body at just the thought of her. I was positive that she must have known firsthand just how abusive and violent he was, but I had wanted to warn her just what he was capable of, if only to clear my conscience.

Logical or not, I felt a crushing guilt at my failure. James seemed to sense my inner turmoil, and sought to comfort me with his touch. He just held me for several minutes before breaking the heavy silence that had overtaken the four of us. I saw a spread on it in an interior design magazine a few weeks ago. He seemed to feel the change in me and began to rub my back comfortingly. He spoke softly to me. Say around eleven?

I thought I was more desperate now because I had allowed myself to begin to think that he and I might actually have a future together. The thought both excited me and made my gut twist with an acute anxiety. Stephan and Javier agreed enthusiastically. I thought it was sweet of him to think of it, but I felt just a tiny bit disappointed.

I wanted time alone with him, and even a few extra hours of waiting seemed torturous. Clark drove us to the underground garage elevator without having to be told, giving me a very friendly smile as James helped me from the car. I smiled back. I thought it was nice that he seemed to approve of me. Stephan was restless with excitement as the elevator climbed to the penthouse.

James gave us a rather rushed tour through the opulent space, making a point of showing off all of the spaces that now sported my paintings. I flushed every time he did that, still uncomfortable with compliments about my favorite hobby. The whole place was modern and sleek with the Cavendish designer touch all over it. He led us down a long hallway with stark modern gray wood lining the floors, ending the tour at the intimidating dining room.

Stephan and Javier immediately moved to the window that lined nearly the entire wall of the room and looked out on the spectacular view of Central Park. I moved to the window beside Stephan, equally awed by the now familiar view. James wrapped himself around me from behind, leaning down to my ear. Your security will be waiting at the elevator at ten thirty to take you to my office.

If you need to go anywhere before then, just call the security number saved into your phone. She got our breakfast orders and cheerfully bustled back into the kitchen.

I shivered, nodding. James said his goodbyes to Stephan and Javier, tugging me swiftly from the room. He took a shortcut to the elevator. Or rather, I thought it was a shortcut, right up until he was yanking me into a small sitting area. I barely got a glance at the vaguely familiar room before he was closing the door and crushing me against it, kissing me like his life depended on it.

The kiss had none of his finesse, and not an ounce of his restraint. It was a rough, bruising kiss, and I reveled in it. All that I could do was submit, my mouth softening for him —my whole body softening. He pulled back abruptly. I moaned a protest. He wrapped one hand around my throat, squeezing just enough to make me gasp, the other hand going to my mouth.

He pressed just one finger over my lips. But I need to have I met his beautiful eyes, searching them. His face and voice were raw with need. And fear. He just nodded, his face painfully solemn.

He tugged me after him, and I followed him to the elevator. He pushed the button, pulling me into his chest as he waited for the car. In fact, he barely looked at me.