Download the latest version of Ultra PDF Merger free. You can load PDF files into Ultra PDF Merger's interface and, with a single click on a. Summary. Ultra PDF Merger is a freeware PDF utility that joins your PDF files, or part of them, together. It is a windows application and it runs on. A simple freeware and portable utility to bind your PDF files together Files should not be locked or password protected It is written in C NET and it requires NET.

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    Ultra Pdf Merger

    Ultra PDF Merger free download. Get the latest version now. A simple, freeware and portable utility to bind your PDF files together. Ultra PDF Merger is a freeware and portable application (no installation needed) which merges your PDF files together very fast with one click. Ultra PDF Merger is a Free PDF File Merging Software created by Michalis Nicolaides. It can be used to, as the name suggests, merge multiple PDF files into .

    A simple freeware and portable utility to bind your PDF files together. Files should not be locked or password protected. It is written in C. NET and it requires. NET Framework 4 to run. It uses threads so it is impossible to freeze even with huge files. This site is not directly affiliated with Michalis Nicolaides.

    Maybe you have used a program like WinScan2PDF that turns scans into pdf files or Joliprint which turns web pages into pdf documents, or you are receiving reports in pdf format regularly.

    If you end up with multiple pdf files you may want to join them together to improve the accessibility of said files. Ultra PDF Merger is a simple handy program for the Windows operating system that can perform that operation.

    The program is offered as a free download on the developer website. Please note that it is supplied as a rar file which needs to be unpacked with a compatible software like 7-zip.

    The program itself requires the Microsoft. NET Framework 4. You can select multiple files to add if they are in the same folder. Do not add locked or password protected files because merging will fail.

    You can also add the same file more than once. Remove files: Select the file you want to remove from the list and press the Remove button. Select specific pages to merge: If you want to merge specific pages from the file change the from and to numbers.

    If you leave 0 the program will ignore it. Examples: From 0 To 0 will merge all the pages of the file From 0 To 10 will merge the first 10 pages From 3 To 5 will merge pages 3, 4 and 5 From 3 to 0 will merge all pages except the first 2 Select merge type: You can select either normal merge or chapter mode merging which will put each file to start from an odd page number by inserting an empty page if needed.

    Merge files: Press Merge Files… button to merge selected files. View program info: Press About button to view program info such as the version number. Rotation of and degrees was not handled correctly. The rotation issue is fixed in this version. Yes, multiple selection could make deletion easier but limitation was added due to file ordering.

    Quickly Merge Multiple PDF Documents Into One With Ultra PDF Merger

    I will add the option to remove all files to the next version. For now you can close and reopen the application. Also there will be a button that clears all the files and you will not have to delete them one at a time or reopen Ultra PDF Merger.

    Version 1. Provide me a link with your file and I can check it.

    Sukarma Nepali … from the land of Buddha and Mt. They are false positives. Not feeling good about the virus warnings..

    Why not go open source if the program is free? Who does?! But outdated or bad engines and algorithms are giving false positives. There are two very different things. Now, I started to thinking about it again, I am planning to change the entire interface to a new technology and maybe make it open source. Hello Michalis. First of all thank you so much for developing this software. I am a retired person who is putting some stories that I have written over the years into a flip-page binding software with sound.

    I am sure that I have the. NET framework because I re-installed it. RISH again. I first checked to make sure that all the files I loaded were PDF.

    Ultra PDF Merger

    Hi Rish, it is not. NET problem. It seems that one or more of your PDF files is used by another program or it is protected. Future version will indicate the locked and password protected files after loading. I used PDFUnlock! What can I do? Could you help me?

    Thank you very very much. Hi Cristine, if files are fine make sure they are not used by other software. I would like to thank you for your program. It is a very useful, light and very easy to use program.

    Ultra PDF Merger - USB Pen Drive Apps

    I would like to ask, if you are developing this app yet? I have a few ideas:. I think, it will be better to place file in pointed position may be with shift pressed 3 sometimes, there is a rule for naming final pdf file.

    I am using name of first merged file … so some mask game name of first file, last file, include, exclude, name of parrent directory, auto increasing counter? Thank you. I like your ideas and I will integrate most of them in the next versions.

    I hope in two months to be able to release the new version. Thanks for the great software! I love this software it has been a great help! I noticed when i merge pdfs with bookmarks in them it erases them. Is there a way to prevent this from happening? Hi Andrew, there are only two reasons, either the site was hacked and the files were altered or false positives.

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